“It’s a strong first work from a company bound to blossom”

Time Out

Spatfeather was formed in 2013 by director Matt Peover, actors Nathalie Carrington and Adam Byron, and composer Vincent Guibert, and our patron is the playwright Robert Holman. We aim to create irreverent song-led theatre shows calling on a tradition of vaudeville and Weimar cabaret, which rethink the relationship between audience and performers in musical theatre. We believe that music and song can be used to tell subversive and complex narratives and want to harness the primal power of live song in conjunction with physical and visual theatrical languages. We want to invite audiences into a richly conceived performance space where they will not be spoon fed narrative. Instead we aim to provoke and delight by subverting traditional expectations of music theatre structure and tone.

We work in a collaborative process, writing lyrics and devising together and experimenting around the piano. In our first project we took an early Tennessee Williams short play and reinterpreted it lyrically with six other writers to create an hour long musical vaudeville fantasy exploring liberation. We now aim to push our emerging voice into more risky and challenging territory.